Supreme Power

About Supreme Power

  • Applications:
    • Supreme Power – Premium cement for strong foundations, columns, beams and slabs for houses.
  • Attributes
    • Strength after 1 day, 7 days, 28 days is respectively 70%, 40%, 35% higher than other leading cements;                                                                          (Source: Test result at ISO 17025 Application Lab, Fico-YTL)
    • Fast setting time, easy flow-ability and good workability;                        (Source: Contractor’s assessment in Blind Test under Nielsen’s supervision, 2019)
    • Optimized formula for strong concrete and protection from corrosion and environmental hazards.
  • Benefits:

    For contractor and mason

    • Easy to mix concrete;
    • Easy to place concrete into mold;
    • Fast construction and labor cost saving;
    • Easy and fast demold;
    • Smooth finishing.

            For owner

    • Strong structure;
    • Less cracks.
Fico PCB40 Cement

About FICO PCB40 Cement

  • Applications
    • Fico PCB40 Cement – high quality cement for general building applications.
  • Attributes
    • Produced with selected high quality raw materials to give good workability and good protection against corrosion and environmental hazards;
    • Consistency in strength and workability;
    • Low risks of cracks.
  • Benefits

             For contractor and mason

    • Suitable for general concrete application;
    • Easy to work with;
    • Less defects and rework.

             For owner

    • Durable structure that lasts for generations;
    • Less defects in the long term.
PCB50 Cement

About PCB50 Cement


  • Fico PCB50 Cement – specially formulated cement for Ready mix and Precast applications for infrastructure segment.


  • Good initial workability with suitable slump retention to meet specific application requirements (Ready Mix and Precast);
  • High early strength and good late strength development;
  • Consistent performance for strength and workability;
  • Good protection against corrosion and environmental hazards.


  • Cost savings via mix design optimization by Fico-YTL technical specialist team;
  • Strong finished products, good durability;
  • High productivity for precast application.


Our mission is to be your first choice for solving cement and concrete related performance challenges. We are committed to be the most effective and reliable team in providing you with technical solutions so you can have distinct advantage to your customers.

We combine both on-site visits and lab tests to solve your challenges.



  • Concrete mix design optimization, in depth material testing and application training at site.
TechnicalSpecialist 03

Laboratory services

  • Complete raw materials testing
  • Finished products application testing
  • Joint mix design development with customers
  • R&D for new products.
TechnicalSpecialist 02

Knowledge Sharing

  • Fico-YTL Technical Community – Expert sharing on skills and knowledge
  • Product Training
  • Upskilling production and operation staff.