Automation Engineer

Job Purpose:

Maintain the stable and accurate operation of the central control system and equipment in a cement plant.

Job Description:

1. Occupational Health & Safety and Environment responsibility:

  • Consistently comply with all company’s OHSE&S policies, procedures, standards, rules, regulations.

2. Electrical Materials management:

  • Ensure that spare parts and consumables are sufficient to meet operation demands and proper uses.

3. ABB system & instrument equipment availability:

  • Ensure that all measurement devices are maintained and calibrated based on ISO procedures & standards;
  • All technical documentations & electrical drawings are regularly updated and complied with ISO standards;
  • All Weigh feeder systems, belt scale, gas/dust emission monitoring devices and another device such as temperature, pressure, vibration, gas/air flow, scanner, level measurement equipment are accurate.

4. Human resources management:

  • Ensure that working conditions correspond to the Vietnamese labor law and the FiCO-YTL collective labor agreement without violation;
  • Have a sense of responsibility in work, creativeness motivation, and team-work.

5. Main challenges:

  • Technical issues for improvement of equipment;
  • Performance of an equipment;
  • Ability to work under high pressure.

Job Requirements:

1. Educational Qualifications:

  • Graduated from the university in automation or system programming;
  • PLC, Instrumentation knowledge;
  • Pre-Intermediate English level.

2. Relevant Experience:

  • Students have just graduated from the university or experienced the job in the same field.

3. Leadership Competencies:

  • Enthusiasm, honesty, aspiration;
  • Good relationship, team-work and High responsibility.

How to apply:

  • Send your CV to email:
  • Direct aplly CV: HR Department – Fico-YTL Cement, 26th Floor – E. Town Central, 11 Doan Van Bo, District 4, HCMC.

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