Supreme Power

No. 1 cement for foundation, column, beam and slab applications


Supreme Power is the first and the best cement specially designed and optimized for strong and durable foundation, column, beam and slab. It is made from high quality blended cement and produced locally by Fico-YTL, a multinational cement manufacturer based in South Vietnam.

A strong foundation for home requires high concrete strength and consistent quality. For column, beam and slab where formworks need to be removed faster, concrete should have high early strength and fast setting time.

Supreme Power meets the Vietnamese standard TCVN 6260:2009 PCB 40.
According to blind test ‘s result, which endorsed by Nielson – the world’s leading research company, up to 97% of contractors have confirmed that Supreme Power cement:
– Has fast setting time, easy to remove formwork
– Has the best strength
– Has no crack

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– Allows early removal of formwork and easy construction
– Structure of a house is strong and stable with the years
– Minimize cracks and construction errors
– Save time, repair costs
– Absolutely assured

Đặc tính xi măng / Cement properties   TCVN 6260:2009
Cường độ chịu nén (MPa) /Compressive strength (MPa)

3 ngày / 3 days

28 ngày / 28 days





Thời gian đông kết (phút) / Setting time (min)

Bắt đầu / Initial

Kết thúc / Final





Độ mịn / Fineness (cm2/g) Min ≥2800
Độ ổn định thể tích / Soundness (mm) Max ≤3.5

Mix Ratio

  • Store in dry place, use within 60 days
  • Wear suitable Personal Protective Equipment
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and seek medical advice
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