Supreme Flow

Specialty Product For Superior Ready-mix Concrete


Supreme Flow is specially designed for flowable concrete in Ready-mix application. It is suitable for Ready-mix customers who need good workability and consistent strength in construction projects.

Supreme Flow can be used in wide range of applications, from residential and non-residential buildings to infrastructure projects.

Our product was used in iconic project such as Landmark 81, Saigon Centre, E.Town Central, Ham Luong bridge, Sunrise City View etc.

Supreme Flow is Portland Blended Cement PCB50 compliant with Vietnamese Standard TCVN 6260:2009.

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  • Technical information
  • Safety Guidelines

Supreme Flow is an optimized cement that gives many benefits to Ready-mixers in daily production and to contractors in quality of concrete:

• Fast formwork removal and long term durability – Supreme Flow is able to achieve faster strength development in concrete thanks to low water demand property, so it helps you to remove formwork faster during construction project. It also reduces concrete shrinkage which gives better long term durability to building’s structures.

• Good workability and longer slump retention – Supreme Flow can adapt to required transportation time from concrete batching plant to construction site and usage duration at site.

• Consistent cement quality – Supreme Flow is able to reduce fluctuation of performance in fresh and hardened concrete at site. As a result, it gives great savings in material cost and more reliable performance.

Tính chất của xi măng / Cement properties   TCVN 6260:2009
Cường độ chịu nén /Compressive strength (MPa)

3 ngày / 3 days

28 ngày / 28 days





Thời gian đông kết (phút) / Setting time (min)

Bắt đầu / Initial

Kết thúc / Final





Độ ổn định thể tích / Soundness (mm) Max 3.5
  • Store in silo, use within 60 days.
  • Wear suitable Personal Protective Equipment.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
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