Supreme Base

Low Heat Cement For Mass Concrete


Supreme Base is high quality low heat cement for mass concrete application in large building and infrastructure projects.

It is specially designed to reduce concrete peak temperature which can significantly reduce risk of thermal cracks in massive concrete elements. This is very important especially for large foundation in high rise building, pile caps for bridges, tunnel lining etc.

Supreme Base is Low Heat Blended Portland Cement PCBBFS40, type LH compliant with Vietnamese Standard TCVN 7712:2013 and ASTM C1157 type LH.

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Supreme Base is specially designed and optimized to give important benefits in quality and durability of final concrete:

• Reduce concrete peak temperature – it reduces risks of thermal cracks in mass structure. This gives savings in repair works and long term cost savings thanks to better durability.

• High late strength development – it contributes to high strength development at 28 days, 60 days and 90 days in concrete.

• Better durability – it reduces shrinkage, cracks and provides durable protection layer for steel reinforcement inside concrete that gives better durability to buildings.

• Consistent cement quality – it reduces fluctuation in quality of fresh concrete and hardening concrete. As a result, it gives savings in material cost and more reliable performance.

Tính chất của xi măng / Cement properties   TCVN 7712:2013
Cường độ chịu nén /Compressive strength (MPa)

3 ngày / 3 days

28 ngày / 28 days





Thời gian đông kết (phút) / Setting time (min)

Bắt đầu / Initial

Kết thúc / Final





Độ ổn định thể tích / Soundness (mm) Max 3.5
Nhiệt hydrat hóa (kJ/kg) / Heat of hydration (kJ/kg)

7 ngày / 7 days

28 ngày / 28 days





  • Store in silo, use within 60 days.
  • Wear suitable Personal Protective Equipment.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
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