Introducing Supreme Power – Premium Cement Optimized for Foundation Column Beam Slab

In Jan 2019, Fico-YTL introduced Supreme Power, a premium cement optimized for strong foundations, columns, beams and slabs.

A blind test was conducted with contractors under Nielsen supervision where we let them experience Supreme Power against the other leading cements without knowing the brand. And the result is:

97% contractors chose Supreme Power over the other cements.

  • 87% of contractors chose Supreme Power as the best cement for foundations, columns, beams and slabs;
  • 97% of contractors agreed that concrete made of Supreme Power had the best strength performance;
  • 97% of finished foundations, columns, beams and slabs made by Supreme Power were crack-free;
  • 97% of contractors confirmed that formwork removal on the foundations, columns, beams and slabs cast by Supreme Power was easiest.

In short, the contractors assessed that Supreme Power has higher strength performance, faster setting time, easier flow-ability and better workability. These benefits help them build a stronger foundation and structure of the house.

In April 2019, Fico-YTL TechSpecialist team demonstrated Supreme Power’s performance to contractors in HCM and Mekong Delta Provinces and it was very well received

If you want to experience Supreme Power, please contact us to visit your construction site.


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