Employees, members of Fico-YTL trade union donate blood in Covid-19 season

On Febuary 19th 2020, Trade Union of Tay Ninh Cement Plant cooperated with the Official Union of Tay Ninh Province, Cho Ray Hospital to organize a voluntary blood donation program in Tay Ninh Federation of Labor (located at No. 624, 30/4 Boulevard, Ward 3, Tay Ninh City).

Responding to the campaign of union members and employees participating in blood donation to save people during the time of Corona virus prevention and control, which was launched by Vietnam Construction Trade Union and Trade Union of Construction Material Corporation No. 1 (FiCO Corp). Trade Union of Fico Tay Ninh Cement JSC (Fico-YTL Trade Union) has deployed to the Trade Unions at all Units and all employees in the Company to participate in voluntary blood donation, in order to contribute to providing a large amount of blood for emergency and treating patients, especially in cases of acute respiratory infections caused by new strains of Corona virus (nCoV).

Located in a remote area, the border area of ​​Tay Ninh Province, Tay Ninh Cement Plant can not organize a blood donation program at site. Therefore, the Executive Committee of the Plant Trade Union had contacted the local authorities to coordinate the implementation of the program. In total, there were 31 Trade Union members at the Plant participated in the blood donation program. This is a meaningful activity, showing the spirit of solidarity and willingness to help and save other people suffering from dangerous diseases, epidemics, etc. of Fico-YTL union members and workers. Up to now, Fico-YTL Trade Union has mobilized union members and workers to donate nearly 50 blood units./.

Source: Vietnam National Union of Building Workers


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